COVID-19 Advisory

David Gibson, LVN, has offered an advisory to the Society Board regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak the CDC’s Official recommendations are as follows:  

  • Limit Group events to 10 or less.
  • Keep social distance (of 6 feet or greater).
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Sanitize surfaces with high traffic, for example door knobs, countertops, and tables .

Given the nature of an IFGS event with large groups of people, some in the High Risk category, it does not seem feasible to follow the CDC’s recommendations at an IFGS event. The health and safety of our members is our highest priority as an organization, and for that reason, it is the recommendation of the IFGS Society Board to postpone all in-person IFGS events.

The Society Board will review these recommendations in May, then on a monthly basis going forward, as necessary.

New (Beta) Rules and New Toys!

The new Fantasy Rules 8.0 Beta update is up and ready for playtest! We’ve got two new playable classes, Alchemist and Bard, and new specializations for existing classes, plus a lot of other updates. Download the new ruleset now and get ready to try it out. Remember to send your feedback to the FRC!

The Blue Book has gotten an update as well. Blue Book 2.15 brings a new type of toy to the game: Focus Enhancements. Like weapon and armor enhancements, these boosts add a numerical bonus, this time to the effects of healing and damaging skills, abilities, and spells. Version 2.15 also features an overhaul of the Magic Item Activation section, aimed at clearing up some confusion about just how some items work, especially Autocast and Autoactivate toys.

Society Board Meeting Minutes 3-20-19


3/20/19 – Final

The revision of the Fantasy Rulebook is underway by the FRC. The FRC and SSC committees continued with the same members, as their expiring members were appointed to new terms. The Milwaukee Chapter is planning a meeting to talk about their summer schedule. Membership renewal season is underway. Dallas collected renewals at their banquet game, and Northern Alabama has a game planned late this month to collect memberships. Dallas Chapter has scheduled a second game writers workshop. Continue reading Society Board Meeting Minutes 3-20-19

Latex Foam Weapon Policy



As a rule, all latex-foam weapons are legal in IFGS with the following caveats:

  1. The Game Safety Office has the final say on ANY weapon.    If the GSO denies a weapon, that weapon may not be used in the game.
  2. Thrusting is specifically defined to be a light touch on the target, at a 45 degree angle, touching the target on their torso off center-line from the head. Any other form of thrusting is specifically prohibited. Thrusting a latex-foam weapon with force is grounds for expulsion from the game.
  3. Latex-foam weapons include those built by Action Props, EagleFlex, Iron Fortress, Epic Armoury, Palnatoke, Forgotten Dreams, Medieval Armoury, and others.
  4. Calimacil products are NOT latex-foam weapons; they are injection-molded foam weapons with a much denser material that carry a far greater weight than latex-foam weapons.
  5. The Game Safety Officer is strongly encouraged to have a 2 minute combat with the wielder of any weapon they consider to be a potential danger to others; this includes all Calimcail weapons and all very large latex-foam weapons. This is to ensure that the wielder has sufficient control over their weapon so as to prevent causing harm to others throughout the game.
  6. Please remember there are no “safe” weapons, only safe players. All new players should perform a practice fight with the Game Safety Officer before allowing them into the game.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Olan Knight
IFGS Society Board Member


Society Board Meeting Minutes 2-20-19


2/20/19 – Final

The revision of the Fantasy Rulebook is underway by the FRC. The SSC is advertising for committee members, as positions are coming open at the end of March. The Registry Handbook had a minor update. The Board has a new policy of safety rules for manufactured foam weapons for inclusion in the Safety Handbook and new rulebook. Dallas Chapter held a successful game writers workshop. Continue reading Society Board Meeting Minutes 2-20-19

Society Board Minutes 1-15-19


1/15/19 – Final

The Board members running for re-election were successful, and there was no change to the Board from Elections, or to the Society Officers. Brad Evenson resigned with one year left on his term, and Shelly Ralston, ORV Chapter, was appointed to finish his term. The FRC is beginning to update the Rulebook. The SSC is reviewing magic item activation. Tech is planning a Monster Wiki, i.e. online monster manual. The Constitutional Review Task Force will be tackling the By-Laws next. The Central Ohio Provisional Chapter asked to be dissolved. The Board is reviewing proposed safety rules for manufactured foam weapons for inclusion in the Safety Handbook. Continue reading Society Board Minutes 1-15-19

Society Board Meeting Minutes 10-16-18


10/16/18 – Final

Wherein the FRC is working on the Monk Class, and considering a clarification to the Boon or Bane spell. The SSC plans to develop a new chapter of the Rulebook discussing the activation of spells. ORV and Central Ohio Chapters are running games, and have appointed Registry Chairs. There is talk of setting up a Monster wiki online, to share monsters to assist in game writing. Hope Fountain from ORV was appointed Society Election Chair. Continue reading Society Board Meeting Minutes 10-16-18

Constitutional Amendments

The Constitutional Review Task Force has recommended a series of changes to the Society Constitution. These amendments clean up, modernize and clarify language in the constitution, rather than putting forth any substantial change.  The current constitution, amended in 2016 is available here – Constitution 2016. A marked-up version of this constitution with the new changes inserted is available here – Constitution 2016 amended 2018 marked up