How do I get involved in a game?

There are several ways you can participate in our games:

  • As a Player Character (PC) who participates in adventures for experience and treasure
  • As a Non-Player Character (NPC), one of the actors or actresses in the game
  • As Game Staff, Game Producers, Safety Officials and many other positions.

What character choices do I have?

As a PC you design your own character. You have the choice of playing any one of several different classes:

You decide your character’s name, history and all other details; your character history may be as brief or as extensive as you like. The personality of your character is limited only by your imagination (and some rules, of course).If you are interested in participation in a game, contact your local IFGS chapter or if you can’t find a local chapter, contact our Society Clerk. Don’t worry about being an inexperienced player – the IFGS has a rule requiring teams to include at least one novice. New members are always encouraged and needed.Do I only get to play a single character?As a PC, during a given game you typically play only a single character. However, you can play different characters in different games. There is no limit to the number of characters you can have.As an NPC, you play one or more roles during a given game, depending on the production and staffing needs of the event.What about safety and insurance?Above all else, safety is the goal of the IFGS. Everything that is done, from designing a game, to building a weapon, to making a costume, is done with safety in mind. In addition, the IFGS carries a comprehensive insurance policy, in case an accident should happen at a sanctioned event.What do I need to bring to a game?Your safety and comfort are essential to each game, and being prepared will ensure that. Below is a checklist of some of the more important items you should be aware of, or bring to the game. This list is not intended to be comprehensive.Do I need a costume?You should have a costume for the game. A simple tunic or robe will be fine; however, you can be as creative or realistic as you like. Costumes do need to have one dominant, identifiable color for targeting purposes. Be prepared for all kinds of weather. Be sure your footgear provides support and is comfortable. Unlike other LARPs, wearing real armor will not give you additional protection – only roleplaying kudos!Where can I learn the rules?You’ll need a copy of the IFGS fantasy rulesbook. Rulebooks can be purchased from your local IFGS chapter, amazon.com, or from theSociety Clerk.What about weapons?For safety reasons, REAL WEAPONS ARE BANNED from IFGS events. You must borrow or construct a safety-approved foam weapon. Instructions are provided in the rule book, but it is recommended that you have someone show you how to build one. All weapons are checked before each game to be sure they are safe.I’m a minor (under 18), can I play?Absolutely! Minors are welcome in IFGS games. They must have:

  • A permission slip;
  • A liability waiver signed by the minor’s parents, and
  • A card in their pocket with:
    • Their name
    • The name of their parent or guardian
    • Their parent/guardian’s phone number
    • Any medical conditions, allergies or health problems

Minors should tell their parents where they are, and should arrange their own transportation. There will always be someone present with the minor while they are on course.

  • Cleric
  • Druid
  • Fighter
  • Knight
  • Magic User
  • Monk
  • Ranger
  • Thief