Game Library

Here you will find games that have been Sanctioned by AT LEAST one chapter of the IFGS. This section is intended to provide games for use in any chapter of the IFGS and serve as a central repository for the storage of game scripts to allow easy access to players from any chapter should they need information that was in a game.

We also have games that have been reviewed by the Society Sanctioning Committee and approved for SPP (Sanctioned Pending Production) Status. This means that the game can be downloaded and run as is with no further Sanctioning whatsoever. Before running a SPP game you will need to find out your home chapter’s policy on SPP Games and make sure that they are allowed first. If you have any questions about SPP Games you can contact the SSC at ssc at ifgsdot org.

The other scripts provided here ARE NOT pre-sanctioned for use in ANY chapter of the IFGS. Once downloaded they will need to be re-sanctioned in the chapter in which they are to be run. The intent here is to provide a game that can be run with a minimum of effort.

The Game Writers represented here have done us all a favor by providing their games for international use. In doing so, they realize that producers in other chapters may change NPC and place names to add local flavor. PLEASE don’t make drastic changes. This is their creation and if you think that something would go better another way, you should at least do the writer the courtesy of asking their permission. Some authors have elected to only make their game available via a direct e-mail to them while others would rather only have the game available in .PDF format so the game cannot be easily changed. Please respect their wishes on this.

Unless otherwise specified in the description of a game, you can now download a copy of any game listed by clicking on the form you wish it to be in.

PLEASE NOTE: If you download and read a game you are disqualifying yourself from playing in it!

Games Available

Games Sanctioned Under 7.0 Rules
These games have been reviewed by the Society Sanctioning Committee and are fit to be run by any chapter with no further Sanctioning.

Games Sanctioned Before the 7.0 Rules
All the rest. The story and plot is there but the rules have changed. This will take extra effort. The good part is, once someone gets the game revved they can send it back here and we’ll contact the author and get their ok and move it up to the top category. They don’t have to rev their game and you get a game to run. Pretty cool for everyone, huh?