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New (Beta) Rules and New Toys!

The new Fantasy Rules 8.0 Beta update is up and ready for playtest! We’ve got two new playable classes, Alchemist and Bard, and new specializations for existing classes, plus a lot of other updates. Download the new ruleset now and get ready to try it out. Remember to send your feedback to the FRC!

The Blue Book has gotten an update as well. Blue Book 2.15 brings a new type of toy to the game: Focus Enhancements. Like weapon and armor enhancements, these boosts add a numerical bonus, this time to the effects of healing and damaging skills, abilities, and spells. Version 2.15 also features an overhaul of the Magic Item Activation section, aimed at clearing up some confusion about just how some items work, especially Autocast and Autoactivate toys.