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Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment

Adopted Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment – Feb 16, 2017

presented by Patrick McGehearty. Downloadable  file

Starting in 2008, there was a roughly 5 times increase in the amount of CAP awarded per hour of effort in game support, sanctioning, writing, and similar activities to the current rate of 1000 CAP/hour for most activities. In recognition of past service to chapter building activities and in the interest of fairness to balance the inflationary effect of the 2008 CAP increase, we recommend a one time per early player adjustment in their CAP earned. Continue reading Policy for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment

Election Results

Results of the Elections are in! David Spence will replace outgoing Dane Lyon at the January Annual Meeting on Thursday evening, January 19th. Welcome David, and thank you Dane for years of service. Also thanks to Jason Dziuk for running the election. The constitutional measure passed, the Society Bylaws will be adding language to cover unfortunate situations where disciplinary action is needed at the Society level. All Chapters and all members are invited to the January meeting; it is an opportunity to interact with the Board.