Society Board Meeting – January 2017


1/19/17  Final

 Wherein New Board Member David Spence was welcomed, and new VP Sarah Gibson elected. Mage Specializations. 2016 Admin CAP. Central Oklahoma Chapter had recruitment event at MizumiCon. Proposal for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment.

 The 1/19/17 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:09 p.m. Eastern Time. Present were Board Members John Jones, Olan Knight, Sarah Gibson, Pat McGehearty and Hugh Greene. Brad Evenson was absent, proxy to Greene. Dane Lyon was absent. Incoming Board member David Spence was present. Tech Committee Chair Brett Paul was present, as well as Melanie Greene, Jacquelyn Greene and Michelle Cahill from Northern Alabama Chapter. Janice Gott Society Clerk also attended.



 MINUTES: MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 11/17/16 Board Meeting (Knight, McGehearty, by acclaim). MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 12/15/16 board meeting (Knight, McGehearty, by acclaim).

MOTION: To approve the election results submitted by Election Chair Jason Dziuk, electing Hugh Greene, John Jones, Olan Knight, David Spence for two year terms as Board members, and approving the amendment to Society Bylaws regarding disciplinary procedures.  The Board also thanks Dane Lyon for his service (Knight, McGehearty, by acclaim).

MOTION: The Board would like to thank outgoing Board Member Dane Lyon for his many years of fabulous service (McGeheary, Knight, by acclaim). The Board welcomes David Spence to the Board.


 PRESIDENT: John Jones was nominated for President, and accepted by acclamation (Jones abstained).

VICE PRESIDENT: Sarah Gibson was nominated for Vice President, and accepted by acclamation.

TREASURER: Ray Michel was nominated for Treasurer, and accepted by acclamation.

CORPORATE SECRETARY: Bret Halford was nominated as Corporate Secretary, and accepted by acclamation.


FRC REPORT: Spence reported that the FRC has been looking at a new Mage specializations section, submitted by Hugh Greene. Spence has been acting as FRC Chair, as Dane Lyon has not been attending meetings. They will be publishing for volunteers for the positions opening in March.

SSC REPORT: Jones says the SSC has still not met recently. He would like to establish “Slack Channels” to keep their communications open. The latest version of the Blue Book has comments from Melanie Greene and Pat McGehearty to consider before submitting this version to the Board for approval.

REGISTRY: Knight has sent a list of 2016 Admin CAP to the Society Committee Chairs for comments.  He asks that Chapter Registry Chairs send him their annual Chapter Admin CAP lists.

 TECH COMMITTEE: Brett Paul sent a report detailing the recent updates to the new website. He worked with the Clerk to teach her to post updates to it.  Paul is looking to transition out of the role of Tech Committee Chair, and would like the Board to look for a replacement. He feels that a majority of his goals for the committee have been completed, included the transition of the website to WorkPress. The Forum stills needs to be updated (in WebWiz).


 Sarah Gibson left, proxy to Spence.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW TASK FORCE: Greene is planning to collect comments for additional change suggestions for the Constitution.

CHAPTER LIAISON UPDATES:  Knight noted that the Central Oklahoma Chapter would like to change their name to the Tornado Alley Chapter. The Board recommends that they have a Chapter Meeting where their Board votes for the name change, then bring it as a motion to the Society Board. They held a recruitment event at MizumiCon, and did run 17 people through the game on Friday night, and 18 attended an introduction to LARP on Saturday. Greene will be contacting the Greater Milwaukee Chapter to ask if they have held their Chapter Board meeting and election.


 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHAPTER DISSOLUTION: They would like to close their Chapter, but still have not closed their bank account.



 EARLY CAP ADJUSTMENT PROPOSAL: McGehearty submitted a proposal for Early IFGS CAP Adjustment, to boost CAP earned during the period before 2008 when the current CAP system was put in place. Knight as Registry Chair is opposed to the provision that chapters could opt out of the adjustment. If there were chapters without computerized records during that time, there is a procedure in the handbook for estimating CAP in the one-time re-set. Comments on the proposal are being solicited.

LARP CON:  David Spence says the City of Weatherford has offered space for a LARP Convention. The con would be concentrating on cross-genre play. They would have other groups involved, and vendors.

NEXT MEETING: The next IFGS Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 16th. Times for the meeting are 6 pm Pacific, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, and 9 pm EST. The meeting will be held on Skype at i_f_g_s or 720.259.1667. The meeting was adjourned at 9:29 pm EST.



Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Spence

Norman – Spence

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Central Oklahoma – Knight

Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Southern California – Knight



 Completed Tasks

Society-level electronic voting – Completed

Society Waiver Forms – Completed

Stoplight Policy – Completed

Milestone & Karma Awards – Completed

Business Cards – Available on Vistaprint

Updating Society Website to WordPress – Completed

In Process Tasks

Updating Governing Documents – In process with Society Task Force

Updated Committee Charters – In process with Society Task Force

On Hold

Character Creation System

Expand and Revise Wiki (Possibly incorporating online rules.) –

Not Started

Updating GW Handbook–

Streamlining the payment processes between Society and Chapters –

Treasury Tracking –

Shared Calendar on Website –

Creation of a Treasury Handbook –

Membership Tracking –

Link Exchanges –

Research for 8.0 Rules Set –





Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Lyon

Norman – Lyon

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Central Oklahoma – Knight

Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Southern California – Knight



Society Board Members

John Jones (TX) (2019) [Pres]

Sarah Gibson (TX) (2018) [VP]

Pat McGehearty (TX) (2018)

Brad Evenson (CO) (2018)

Olan Knight (TX) (2019)

Hugh Greene (AL) (2019)

David Spence (TX) (2019)



Fantasy Rules Committee (FRC)

Dane Lyon (TX) (2017) [Chair]

David Spence (TX) (2017)

Rian Socia (WI) (2017)

Seth Bush (TX) (2018)

David Gibson (TX) (2018)

Leif Mogren (WI) (2018) temporary

Open (2018) temporary


Society Sanctioning Committee (SSC)

John Jones (TX) (2018) [Chair]

Seth Bush (TX) (2017)

Olan Knight (TX) (2018)

Kaaren Davis (CO) (2017)

Melanie Greene (AL) (2017)


General Promotions Committee (SGP)

Sarah Gibson [Chair]

Jason Dziuk (2015)

open (2014)

open (2014)


Publications Committee

Members all informal appointments –


Elections Committee

Jason Dziuk


Registry Chair

Olan Knight (TX)


Tech Committee

Brett Paul (CO) [Chair]

Bethany Vann (OK) (2016)

Sarah Gibson (TX)

Open (2015)

Open (2016)


Constitutional Review Task Force

Hugh Greene (AL) [Chair]

Brad Evenson

Ray Michel