Society Board Minutes – November 2016




FRC New Character Classes, New Version Registry Handbook, New WordPress Website, Election news, SciFi Rules

The 11/17/16 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:05 p.m. Eastern Time.  Board Members John Jones, Hugh Greene, Olan Knight, Pat McGehearty, and Sarah Gibson were present. Dane Lyon proxy to Knight. Brad Evenson was absent, proxy to Greene. Also present were David Spence, President of Dallas Chapter and FRC member, Melanie Greene, Treasurer from Northern Alabama Chapter, and Michelle Cahill from Northern Alabama Chapter. Janice Gott Society Clerk also attended.




MINUTES: MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 10/18/16 board meeting (Knight, Greene, by acclaim).


FRC REPORT: Spence reported that the FRC has been getting comments from playtesting the new character classes. They are using a survey after playtest games. The character classes seem to be fairly well balanced, although something a “Sonic Strike” like a Mage’s Deadeye might be needed so the Bard has an offensive weapon.


SSC REPORT: Jones reports the SSC is going over input for the Bluebook from new member Melanie Greene.


REGISTRY: Knight submitted a new version of the Registry Handbook for approval. This update concerns the modification of Waivers by people wanting to participate in IFGS events; which is not allowed. Modified waivers are null and void and are not acceptable to the IFGS.

MOTION: To approve the Registry Handbook v3.20 (McGehearty, Jones, 6-0-1, Evenson abstain).


TECH COMMITTEE: The website has been moved to a new WordPress website format. Committee chairs should be able to post their own updates on the website. Minutes shouldn’t dominate the main page; maybe a “minutes” button can link to the minutes, similar to Dallas Chapter. Committee chairs or someone needs to continually add current content to the website. Perhaps each chapter can have either their President or Public Relations Chair with authorized posting privileges (whoever they choose). Also, the SGP Committee should perhaps keep checking the site to be sure it has current content and reflects well on the IFGS. A representative from the Board, each Committee, and each Chapter should have posting privileges.




ELECTIONS: Jason Dziuk sent an Elections report. To date 23% of the 141 email ballot invitations have responded. He suggests adding an option for “vote of support/ no confidence/abstain” for candidates on the ballot. His request for a motion was discussed in detail by the Board. The Board decided to take no action on it at this time, because they think that the constitutionally required write in candidate lines sufficiently fulfill the need. Balloting closes on December 1st.




CHAPTER LIAISON UPDATES: Gibson and Greene report that Northern Alabama  playtested the new character classes during a night game, where a Bard managed to put their whole front line of fighters to sleep with a Bardic Crashtime. They plan a game writers workshop this winter, including Bluebook training. Central Oklahoma Chapter has finally managed to open a new bank account.




SOCAL CHAPTER DISSOLUTION: Gott has been waiting for communication with SoCal about wrapping up their treasury.


MINORS POLICY AMENDMENT: Greene feels their chapter has learned to work within the parameters of the current policy, and is not going to suggest changes.




SCI-FI RULES: Spence said Henry Wood in Dallas Chapter expressed an interest in setting up a SciFi Rules Committee. Jones says he should present a proposal for such a Committee to the Board. The Board is open to it, as the IFGS is structured to run multiple rules sets, and had a set of Undercover (Spy) Rules many years ago.


NEXT MEETING: The next IFGS Board Meeting will be held on Thursday, December 15th. Times for the meeting are 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, and 8 pm EST. The meeting will be held on Skype at i_f_g_s or 720.259.1667. The meeting was adjourned at 9:14 pm EST.



Society Board positions expiring at the end of 2016:

John Jones

Olan Knight

Dane Lyon

(David Wood’s former position) Hugh Greene





Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Lyon

Norman – Lyon

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Central Oklahoma – Knight

Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Southern California – Knight





Completed Tasks

Society-level electronic voting – Completed

Society Waiver Forms – Completed

Stoplight Policy – Completed

Milestone & Karma Awards – Completed

Business Cards – Available on Vistaprint

Updating Society Website to WordPress – Completed


In Process Tasks

Updating Governing Documents – In process with Society Task Force

Updated Committee Charters – In process with Society Task Force


On Hold

Character Creation System-CAP4G

Expand and Revise Wiki (Possibly incorporating online rules.) –


Not Started

Updating GW Handbook–

Streamlining the payment processes between Society and Chapters –

Treasury Tracking –

Shared Calendar on Website –

Creation of a Treasury Handbook –

Membership Tracking –

Link Exchanges –

Research for 8.0 Rules Set –