Society Board Minutes 8-15-18


8/15/18 – Final

Wherein the FRC received a draft on a new Alchemist Class. Chris Seals replaced Brad Evenson on the Special Task Force. Northern Alabama Chapter has been contacted by the “Let’s Connect North Alabama” podcast. The Board recommends that the Optional Character Abilities (OCA) remain in the rulebook appendices as optional rules, which chapters can choose to allow if their members are interested.

The 8/15/18 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:01 p.m. Eastern Time, via Discord. Present were Board Members John Jones, Brad Evenson, Sarah Gibson, Hugh Greene, Olan Knight, Pat McGehearty, and David Spence. Sarah Gibson arrived late. David Gibson and Society Clerk Janice Gott arrived late. Melanie Greene from the Northern Alabama Chapter, Bret Halford from the Denver/Boulder Chapter, Allie Englerth from Dallas Chapter and Shelly Ralston from ORV Chapter also attended.


 MINUTES: MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 7/18/18 Board Meeting (Evenson, Knight, by acclaim).

RATIFICATION OF IN-BETWEEN MEETING MOTION: As Brad Evenson had to resign from the Special Task Force, to accept the recommendation of the Task Force to assign Chris Seals as the third member (Knight, Spence, by acclaim).

FRC REPORT: The FRC has received a draft of a new character class submitted by Hugh Greene, the Alchemist Class.

SSC REPORT: No new activity.

REGISTRY: Knight communicated with the Central Ohio Provisional Chapter clarifying how chapter status is modified.


Sarah Gibson arrived.

GENERAL PROMOTIONS: Gibson reports no new info from LARP box. Greene says NAL has been contacted by the “Let’s Connect North Alabama” podcast. Greene says he will probably be interviewed and asked for info that he should try to provide. Attendees made various suggestions about what topics to discuss.

David Gibson arrived.

CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW TASK FORCE: Greene will write the final amendments proposal and submit it to the Board prior to the November Society election.

Bret Halford arrived.

CHAPTER LIAISON UPDATES:  Denver/Boulder Chapter has interest being shown on Facebook in reviving the chapter for the first time in a while. Greene suggests that people contact older members in the Atlanta area both for participation and to perhaps start another chapter in that section of CONUS.

Gott arrived.

CHARACTER CREATION SYSTEM: Spence suggests that the Optional Character Abilities are, in fact, the core of the proposed Society-level Character Creation system. Dallas has had this system in place for over three years as they are playtesting the Optional Character Abilities rules. He asked the Board whether the Board would like the FRC to go ahead and move to a set of rules that are a character creation system. McGehearty noted that the OCA characters are more powerful, and the corresponding NPCs need to be more powerful. Spence said the FRC is currently including the OCA in the Rulebook appendix as optional rules. Evenson suggests that the OCAs be accepted or declined at the Chapter level. Greene notes that in new chapters there are so many new people that there is enough of a struggle to learn the regular rules. Evenson said that at the last few D/B Chapter games there was also little interest in them. Dallas Chapter, on the other hand, has been running many games and players are looking for more variety. Spence noted that converting a high level character has a higher learning curve than starting a new character in the new rules. Knight observed that if someone does not have the Rules down cold, the OCAs can be overwhelming. Jones suggests that Dallas can keep refining the system, and other chapters can pick it up if and when they are ready. The Board concurred that they should remain as optional rules.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Board moved into an executive session at 8:39 p.m. They exited the executive session at 8:46 p.m.

NEXT MEETING: The next Board Meeting will be on Wednesday September 12th. Times for the meeting are 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, and 8 pm EST. The meeting will be held on Discord.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:49 pm EST.




Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Spence

Norman – Spence

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Central Ohio – Spence

Ohio River Valley – Knight





Completed Tasks

Society-level electronic voting – Completed

Society Waiver Forms – Completed

Stoplight Policy – Completed

Milestone & Karma Awards – Completed

Business Cards – Available on Vistaprint

Updating Society Website to WordPress – Completed


In Process Tasks

Updating Governing Documents – In process with Society Task Force

Updated Committee Charters – In process with Society Task Force


On Hold

Expand and Revise Wiki (Possibly incorporating online rules.)

Sci-Fi Rules


Not Started

Updating GW Handbook–

Streamlining the payment processes between Society and Chapters –

Treasury Tracking –

Shared Calendar on Website –

Creation of a Treasury Handbook –

Membership Tracking –

Link Exchanges –

Research for 8.0 Rules Set –



Society Board Members

John Jones (TX) (2019) [Pres]

Sarah Gibson (TX) (2020) [VP]

Pat McGehearty (TX) (2020)

Brad Evenson (CO) (2020)

Olan Knight (TX) (2019)

Hugh Greene (AL) (2019)

David Spence (TX) (2019)



Fantasy Rules Committee (FRC)

David Spence (TX) (2019) [Chair]

Henry Wood (TX) (2020) [Vice Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO) (2019)

Hugh Greene (TX) (2019)

Seth Bush (TX) (2020)

David Gibson (TX) (2020)

Michael Englerth (CO) (2020)

Joshua Harris (TX) (2019) ad hoc temporary


Society Sanctioning Committee (SSC)

John Jones (TX) (2020) [Chair]

Seth Bush (TX) (2019)

Olan Knight (TX) (2020)

Kaaren Davis (CO) (2019)

Melanie Greene (AL) (2019)


General Promotions Committee (SGP)

Sarah Gibson [Chair]

Jason Dziuk (2015)

open (2014)

open (2014)


Publications Committee

Members all informal appointments –


Elections Committee

Chris Seals (TX)

Jason Dsiuk (TX)

Janice Gott (OH)


Registry Chair

Olan Knight (TX)


Tech Committee

Brett Paul (CO) Interim Chair

Robert Armstrong (TX) [potential Chair]

John Jones (TX)

Bethany Vann (OK)

Sarah Gibson (TX)



Safety Committee

Brad Evenson (CO) [Society Safety Officer]

David Ellis (CO)


Constitutional Review Task Force

Hugh Greene (AL) [Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO)

Ray Michel (CO)

Christopher Seals (TX)