Society Board Minutes 11-13-18


11/13/18 – Final

Wherein the Election ballots are in play, including Constitutional Amendments. The FRC is working on the Alchemist Class and Aural Monk Specialization. ORV and Dallas Chapters ran games. David Spence offered to host a game writers’ workshop on Discord.

The 11/13/18 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:04 p.m. Eastern Time, via Discord. Present were Board Members John Jones, Hugh Greene, Olan Knight, Pat McGehearty and David Spence. Sarah Gibson arrived late. Brad Evenson was absent, proxy to Gibson. Janice Gott Society Clerk, and Hope Fountain & Shelly Ralston from ORV Chapter also attended.





MINUTES: MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 10/16/18 Board Meeting (Knight, Spence, by acclaim).


IN-BETWEEN MEETING MOTION: To ratify the in-between meeting motion of 11/2/18 regarding constitutional amendments (McGehearty, Knight, by acclaim).

[The full text of the 11/2/18 motion and the constitutional amendments are below]


ELECTION REPORT: Election Chair Hope Fountain reported that 101 ballots were sent out via ElectionBuddy, although several bounced and are being researched. 18 paper ballots were sent out. So far 31 ballots have been returned. Hope will remind people to vote via FaceBook and ElectionBuddy. A typo has been noticed in the electronic ballot, full correct language is below.


FRC REPORT: The FRC is working on the new Alchemist Class, and the Aural Monk Class specialization. After another pass through on the classes, they will begin a re-write of the Rulebook itself. The FRC has three positions coming open on March 31st, 2019, and they are starting to advertise them.


SSC REPORT: The SSC is developing a new section of the Bluebook that will describe the activation of magic items. They also plan to add an Appendix devoted to examples of various kinds of item pricing. When they are done, it will be sent to the FRC for joint approval.


REGISTRY: Knight reported that the Society Registry has had no activity this month.


TECH COMMITTEE: Jones will be making sure that the latest playtest class documents are all added to the website.



CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW TASK FORCE: They will be working on the Bylaws next.


CHAPTER LIAISON UPDATES:  ORV ran their first full game, Sable Pass, last weekend. Dallas also ran a game last weekend.


Gibson arrived.


GAME WRITERS WORKSHOP: There was a suggestion for the FRC or SSC to sponsor a Game Writers Workshop meeting. David Spence will host a game writer’s workshop on Discord, and if there is enough interest it will become a recurring event. He will announce a date and time later.




NEXT MEETING: The next Board Meeting will be on Tuesday, December 11th. Times for the meeting are 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, and 8 pm EST. The meeting will be held on Discord.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 pm EST.



11/2/18 – IN-BETWEEN MEETING MOTION: To include on the November 2018 Society Ballot the slate of constitutional amendments prepared by the Society Clerk from the recommendations of the Constitutional Review Task Force, with additional input from the Society President, along with an amendment to Article IV, part D, as suggested by Board Members Knight and McGehearty (Knight, Greene, 5 ayes [Jones, Knight, Evenson, McGehearty & Gibson], 0 nays, 2 non-responding [Greene, Spence]).




Added language is underlined.         Subtracted language is struck out.

Explanation to the reader, not to be included in the Constitution, is in blue italics.


The full text of the current Constitution and the Marked-up Proposed Constitution are available on the IFGS website at


Article I

Section 2.

The Society may accept such other purposes, pursuant to this constitution, as the Membership may from time to time determine.

(Maintaining our purpose)


Article II

Section 3.C:

Life Members – Life Membership may be offered by the Society in such form as shall be determined by the Society Board. If that form is modified at any time, the benefits available to previous recipients of Life Membership shall not be altered without their consent. Any member of this type shall be considered an Active Member at all times during their life, with the proviso that minors will operate as Junior Members, with voting rights and eligibility for office held in abeyance, until they reach the age of 18.

(Clarified Life membership as a type of Active Member.)


Section 3. G D

Other Members – The Society may determine other categories and appropriate benefits as it sees fit except that no membership category except Active Member will be entitled to vote or hold office.

 (Struck redundant language from 3.A.)


Section 6.A.1

If a member held a Society level position, office, or directorship when the membership was terminated for non-payment of dues, and the member has their membership reinstated within 30 days of membership termination, the member is automatically reinstated in their Society level position, office or directorship.

(Struck limitation to only termination for non-payment of dues.)


Section 6.B.

Prior to termination for non-payment of dues, the member shall be informed a written statement shall be mailed to the member’s last recorded address informing the member via electronic or written communication at their last known point of contact that such action is pending.

(Added electronic contact as acceptable method of communication.)


Article III

Section 3

Rules of order contained in the book current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Society on all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-laws of the Society.

(Updated Roberts Rules of Order reference.)


Article IV

Section 2.D

Upon recommendation by the provisional Chapter’s advisor official request of the Provisional Chapter Board the Society Board shall review the performance and organization of the provisional Chapter and decide whether to grant it a charter as a regular Chapter. The Board may seek recommendation from the provisional chapter’s advisor or others as they see fit.

(Updating to the current Provisional Chapter Process.)


Section 2.E

The Board may revoke the provisional status of a potential chapter with or without cause by a majority vote of the Board.

(Removed redundant wording.)


Section 5.

Revocation of Charter. The Charter of a Chapter may be revoked, with or without cause, by a 2/3 vote of the members eligible and casting votes. Any official requests or petitions to be submitted by a chapter to the Board must pass with a majority vote of the entire Chapter board.

Section 6.

Revocation of Charter. The Charter of a Chapter may be revoked by a 2/3 vote of Society members casting votes.

(Revocation of a Chapter’s charter may only be done at the Society level, which has been the custom for many years. Requests for revocation, or any other petitions submitted to Society, must have a majority vote of the entire Chapter Board.)





Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Spence

Norman – Spence

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Central Ohio – Spence

Ohio River Valley – Knight





Completed Tasks

Society-level electronic voting – Completed

Society Waiver Forms – Completed

Stoplight Policy – Completed

Milestone & Karma Awards – Completed

Business Cards – Available on Vistaprint

Updating Society Website to WordPress – Completed


In Process Tasks

Updating Governing Documents – In process with Society Task Force

Updated Committee Charters – In process with Society Task Force


On Hold

Expand and Revise Wiki (Possibly incorporating online rules.)

Sci-Fi Rules


Not Started

Updating GW Handbook–

Streamlining the payment processes between Society and Chapters –

Treasury Tracking –

Shared Calendar on Website –

Creation of a Treasury Handbook –

Membership Tracking –

Link Exchanges –

Research for 8.0 Rules Set –



Society Board Members

John Jones (TX) (2019) [Pres]

Sarah Gibson (TX) (2020) [VP]

Pat McGehearty (TX) (2020)

Brad Evenson (CO) (2020)

Olan Knight (TX) (2019)

Hugh Greene (AL) (2019)

David Spence (TX) (2019)



Fantasy Rules Committee (FRC)

David Spence (TX) (2019) [Chair]

Henry Wood (TX) (2020) [Vice Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO) (2019)

Hugh Greene (TX) (2019)

Seth Bush (TX) (2020)

David Gibson (TX) (2020)

Michael Englerth (CO) (2020)

Joshua Harris (TX) (2019) ad hoc temporary


Society Sanctioning Committee (SSC)

John Jones (TX) (2020) [Chair]

Seth Bush (TX) (2019)

Olan Knight (TX) (2020)

Kaaren Davis (CO) (2019)

Melanie Greene (AL) (2019)


General Promotions Committee (SGP)

Sarah Gibson [Chair]

Jason Dziuk (2015)

open (2014)

open (2014)


Publications Committee

Members all informal appointments –


Elections Committee

Hope Fountain (OH)

Janice Gott (OH)


Registry Chair

Olan Knight (TX)


Tech Committee

Brett Paul (CO) Interim Chair

Robert Armstrong (TX) [potential Chair]

John Jones (TX)

Bethany Vann (OK)

Sarah Gibson (TX)



Safety Committee

Brad Evenson (CO) [Society Safety Officer]

David Ellis (CO)


Constitutional Review Task Force

Hugh Greene (AL) [Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO)

Ray Michel (CO)

Christopher Seals (TX)