FRC Posts Playtest Classes

The Fantasy Rules Committee has released two changes to the 7.0 rules. These are the iDocumentBard class and theĀ iDocumentCleric Specializations of Battle Cleric, Healer, and Monster Hunter.

At this time these changes are in a play-test mode and a GP must approve their use in a game. The FRC would like feedback from individuals who play in a game where these are used. Please send the feedback to the FRC along with the chapter name, game name and date of running with your comments. Constructive criticism, both positive and negative is appreciated and desired.

Since these rules are in playtest and are not finalized yet, no magic item may be created using these new abilities. If a person creates a Bard character and the class is eventually rejected or changed drastically then the player may change that PC to a different class by registering the change with his local bank representative. The FRC will post updates as they occur.