Society Board Minutes – November 2017


11/15/17 – Final

Wherein a new version of the Registry Handbook is approved incorporating Anchor Games as a game type. The discussion continues on Intellectual Property rights for game writing and Creative Commons. A new Loremaster Guide is under discussion. A decision was made to post the current 7.0 IFGS Rulebook online, in PDF format, at no charge to download.

The 11/15/17 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:07 p.m. Eastern Time. Present were Board Members John Jones, Olan Knight, Pat McGehearty, David Spence, Hugh Greene and Sarah Gibson. Brad Evenson was absent, proxy to Greene. Melanie Greene and Jacqueline Greene from N. Alabama Chapter and Janice Gott Society Clerk were present.


MINUTES: MOTION: To approve the minutes of the 10/17/17 Board Meeting (Knight, Spence, passed by acclaim).

FRC REPORT: The March 7.1 Playtest Rules is looking at Druids. During the playtest period, PC characters will be able to play the various specializations without committing their character to that path, and PC characters may temporarily switch to the new Bard class for playtesting. In fact, PCs are encouraged to try the new specializations out and comment on them to the FRC ( Also note that no magic item using new abilities may be created during the playtest period.

SSC REPORT: Jones reported that the SSC has not met since the last Society Board meeting.

REGISTRY: Registry updated the Registry Handbook (version 3.25) to incorporate Anchor Games.

MOTION: To approve the 3.25 version of the Registry Handbook (Gibson,  Spence, by acclaim).

TECH COMMITTEE: New BlueBook and Registry Handbook have been uploaded onto the website.

ELECTION REPORT: 146 members were eligible to vote, 111 ballots were successfully delivered by Election Buddy. The remainder received paper ballots when possible. Reminder emails are about to go out to those who have not turned in their vote yet.

GENERAL PROMOTIONS: Still trying to contact LARP Box.


CHAPTER LIAISON UPDATES:  Denver/Boulder had a November 4th game on their schedule. Central Ohio Chapter opened a bank account with US Bank without needing a State Business Registration. No news from Milwaukee Chapter.




INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY/CREATIVE COMMONS: Greene would like a wording that locked down games for the use of IFGS only, while allowing others in the IFGS to re-run the game. Jones has the beginning of a statement, but tabled the subject to the next meeting.


LOREMASTER GUIDE: McGehearty’s draft had substantive comments from Knight and Spence. He will incorporate them and revise for the next meeting. Gott suggested a reference to the document be added to the Rulebook.

ONLINE RULEBOOK: Evenson had suggested that the IFGS 7.0 Rulebook be posted online in PDF form. Dallas Chapter already has it up on their website. The income generating period from the current Rulebook is about over; there are very few hardcover rulebook sales anymore.

MOTION: To allow the current 7.0 Rulebook to be posted in electronic format on both Society and Chapter websites (Spence, Knight, by acclaim).

NEXT MEETING: The next IFGS Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 13th. Times for the meeting are 5 pm Pacific, 6 pm MST, 7 pm CST, and 8 pm EST. The meeting will be held on Skype at i_f_g_s or 720.259.1667. The meeting was adjourned at 8:39 pm EST.




Dallas – Evenson

Denver/Boulder – Spence

Norman – Spence

Pacific Northwest – Jones

Northern Alabama – Gibson



Greater Milwaukee – Greene

Southern California – Knight

Central Ohio – Spence



Completed Tasks

Society-level electronic voting – Completed

Society Waiver Forms – Completed

Stoplight Policy – Completed

Milestone & Karma Awards – Completed

Business Cards – Available on Vistaprint

Updating Society Website to WordPress – Completed

In Process Tasks

Updating Governing Documents – In process with Society Task Force

Updated Committee Charters – In process with Society Task Force

On Hold

Character Creation System

Expand and Revise Wiki (Possibly incorporating online rules.) –

Not Started

Updating GW Handbook–

Streamlining the payment processes between Society and Chapters –

Treasury Tracking –

Shared Calendar on Website –

Creation of a Treasury Handbook –

Membership Tracking –

Link Exchanges –

Research for 8.0 Rules Set –


Society Board Members

John Jones (TX) (2019) [Pres]

Sarah Gibson (TX) (2018) [VP]

Pat McGehearty (TX) (2018)

Brad Evenson (CO) (2018)

Olan Knight (TX) (2019)

Hugh Greene (AL) (2019)

David Spence (TX) (2019)


Fantasy Rules Committee (FRC)

David Spence (TX) (2019) [Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO) (2019)

Hugh Greene (TX) (2019)

Seth Bush (TX) (2018)

David Gibson (TX) (2018)

Joshua Harris (TX) (2019) ad hoc temporary

Society Sanctioning Committee (SSC)

John Jones (TX) (2018) [Chair]

Seth Bush (TX) (2019)

Olan Knight (TX) (2018)

Kaaren Davis (CO) (2019)

Melanie Greene (AL) (2019)

General Promotions Committee (SGP)

Sarah Gibson [Chair]

Jason Dziuk (2015)

open (2014)

open (2014)

Publications Committee

Members all informal appointments –

Elections Committee

Chris Seals (TX)

Jason Dsiuk (TX)

Janice Gott (OH)

Registry Chair

Olan Knight (TX)

Tech Committee

Robert Armstrong (TX) [Chair]

Bethany Vann (OK)

Sarah Gibson (TX)


Constitutional Review Task Force

Hugh Greene (AL) [Chair]

Brad Evenson (CO)

Ray Michel (CO)