Society Board Meeting Minutes – January 1994




The meeting was called to order  at 7:09 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.  Present were Sid Pogue, Dave Gallivan, Dave Holt, Keith Phinney, Peter Sartucci, and Dan Schneider, 1993 Board members.  Board member Dave Holm was absent, proxy to Sid Pogue.  Newly elected Board Members Elizabeth Distelhorst and Eric Maloof were also present, as well as Janice Moore, IFGS Clerk, and Bradley Reeger, Safety Officer.  The meeting began with Sid Pogue as Chair.

MOTION:  To approve the Board meeting MINUTES of 12/12/93 as amended (Gallivan motion, 6-0-1, Holm abstain).

ELECTION REPORT:  The election ran well.  Election Chair Leslie Gillies will send out statistics on it, and wishes to discuss future election conventions with the Board.  It appears that people had plenty of time to respond.  Dave Holt received the most votes, followed by Elizabeth Distelhorst then Eric Maloof.  The amendment to the IFGS Constitution passed.  A copy of the election report will be mailed to retiring as well as new Board Members.

MOTION: To accept the election results (Gallivan motion, Sartucci second, 7-0-0).

President Sid Pogue thanks retiring Board Members Dave Gallivan and Keith Phinney for the hard work done and all their efforts on behalf of the IFGS.

ELECTION OF NEW PRESIDENT:  Holt moved to nominate Peter Sartucci for IFGS president, seconded by Sartucci.  Schneider moved to nominate Sid Pogue, seconded by Holt.  Sartucci promised the Board that as president he would not write Chainmail articles, except for the President’s forum or an occasional Soapbox article.  The vote was Sartucci 4 (Distelhorst, Holt, Sartucci, Maloof) and Pogue 2 (Schneider, Holm), Pogue abstaining.  Peter Sartucci, as new President, took over as Chair for the meeting.

ELECTION OF VICE PRESIDENT:  Pogue moved to nominate Dave Holt as Vice President, seconded by Schneider.  Pogue nominated himself, seconded by Holt.  The vote was all to Holt (6-0-1, Sartucci abstaining).  Dave Holt took the office of Vice President.

ELECTION OF TREASURER:  Motion was made to nominate Margo Toth as Treasurer (Pogue motion, Holt 2nd, 7-0-0).

ELECTION OF SECRETARY:  Motion was made to nominate Dan Schneider as Secretary (Pogue motion, Holt 2nd, 7-0-0).  The appointment of other officers was postponed until the next meeting.

SOCIETY SAFETY OFFICER’S REPORT:  Brad Reeger submitted his Safety Officer’s Report for 1993.  Out of 124 games reported (Denver-Boulder and Norman had no report) and 4534 participants, there were only 60 injuries and 56 complaints.  Reeger does not wish to continue as Safety Officer.  The Board has received an application for the position from Rick Shelton.

Betsy Distelhorst expressed concern about the Parry Rule issue, that the Board negated Reeger’s proposal last year.  Holt feels that the populace was against the measure.  Pogue reminded the Board that although they first voted in favor of the rule, because it was a safety issue, later after hearing the concerns of members and reading it over, they rescinded the vote.  Reeger feels that imposing safety rules will never be popular, and should not be a political issue.  Distelhorst described the uproar that the Parry Rule caused in the Ohio Chapter.  The Safety Handbook, along with Reeger’s suggested improvements, will be sent out to the new Board Members, and will be discussed next month.

APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERSMotion: To postpone the appointment of new officers until the end of the fiscal year (March meeting), except for the Safety and Fund Raising Chairs, which will be appointed in February, and to establish as permanent policy that all positions of Society Committee Chairs have a term that coincides with the Society fiscal year (Pogue motion, 2nd Holt, 6-0-1, Holm abstain).  Open offices are to be advertised in the Chainmail in a noticeable box.

EXPANSION:  Motion: To accept Greater Detroit as a Provisional I Chapter (Holt motion, Distelhorst 2nd, 7-0-0).

FANTASY RULES COMMITTEE:  There has been a list of proposed 6.5 version rules changes mailed to the Board, and a small list of further changes is coming soon.  Not all Board members had received them yet.  These copies are not for general distribution.  Although the information in them is not secret, and may be shown to people, the Board wants to avoid interim and preliminary information from being copied and widely distributed.  Members wanting to comment on rules at this time will basically be putting input into the 7.0 rules.  Gallivan expressed concern that the 6.5 changes go beyond the combination of 3.1 and 6.2 rules.  Pogue replied that most changes can be traced either to those, or the resolution of conflicts arising in Hits & Misses, or to the direction of the Board on items they would like to see fixed when the 6.5 rules process started.

The next Board meetings will be February 6, March 13, and April 17 at 7 p.m. MST.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m. MST.