Useful IFGS Documents

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Filename Description Date Uploaded
What is IFGS Generic IFGS Flyer 9/29/2016
Waiver 2020 – Minor – under18.pdf Waiver for Minors 8/11/2020
Waiver 2020 – over 18.pdf Waiver for Adults 8/11/2020
GDManual.pdf Official Game Designer’s Manual 6/4/2007
GMHandbookv2.pdf Official Game Master’s Handbook 6/4/2007
GPChecklist.pdf Game Producer’s Checklist 6/4/2007
IFGSWhat.pdf IFGS: What is it and how does it work? 6/4/2007
MemberApplication.pdf Membership Application 6/4/2007
HowTo.pdf IFGS: A How To Manual 6/4/2007
Gamer Experience Form v2020-03-16 (PDF) Gamer Experience Form 8/11/2020
Achor Game Line Course EP Form v2 (PDF) Gamer Experience Form for Anchor Game Line Courses 8/11/2020
Game Check-In Form v3 (PDF) Game Check-In Form 8/11/2020