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IFGS film project wins Award

The IFGS received this notice:
“If anyone knows Ray Appling (she is a female), Brett Paul, and David McMillen, let them know the short film project they made (IFGS), where I was the Lead Black Hair Orc 1 (with the big round Grey Shield) won an Official Selection Award from ‘Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival’.  I’m sure Ray, Brett, and David would love to know this and I can only image how proud of their short film they will be; I know I’m proud of them and I’m honored to have been part of this project.  Ray Appling she is an awesome film director
Here’s the link for their award winning short film (which I was honored to be part of)
Owen Hisle
[Note: This film in the style of a “trailer” was a student project for Ray Appling in 2009]