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Update from the FRC

The FRC wanted to make all the class changes available to as many people as possible. Here is all the current class spec, minus the monk which is being worked on. Additionally the fighter is due for major changes but here is the current version until those changes are done.

As usual, these are still in play testing so no magic items may be built off of them. Please provide any play test feedback to the FRC when you can and please post these so your individual groups can have them.

Document icon Update from the FRC 2018-05-08

Thief Specialties

Thief Specialties

This is the 2017 – 7.1 playtest rules specialties for Thieves.

During the playtest period, PC characters will be able to play the various specializations without committing their character to that path, and PC characters may temporarily switch to the new Bard class for playtesting. In fact, PCs are encouraged to try the new specializations out and comment on them to the FRC ( Also note that no magic item using new abilities may be created during the playtest period.

March 2017 Playtest Rules Release

Here is the March 2017 Rules release from the FRC. This release contains the Optional Character Build Rules, the Bard Class, and the specializations for Cleric, Magic User and Rangers. Additional specializations will be released as they become available. Please send any feedback to FRC at IFGS.ORG. There will be a poll sent out towards the end of the season to solicit feedback from players. These rules will not become ‘official’ until the Society Board votes them as version 7.1 at the end of the year.

NOTE on Play Test Rules:
The current Optional Rules, Bard class, Cleric, Magic User, Ranger Specializations are play test only and no magic items may be created using the new abilities. Additionally, during the play testing time frame a PC is not locked into one of the new specializations since they are not ‘official’ yet. In fact, PCs are encouraged to try the different specializations and comment on them to the FRC.

FRC Posts Playtest Classes

The Fantasy Rules Committee has released two changes to the 7.0 rules. These are the iDocumentBard class and the iDocumentCleric Specializations of Battle Cleric, Healer, and Monster Hunter.

At this time these changes are in a play-test mode and a GP must approve their use in a game. The FRC would like feedback from individuals who play in a game where these are used. Please send the feedback to the FRC along with the chapter name, game name and date of running with your comments. Constructive criticism, both positive and negative is appreciated and desired.

Since these rules are in playtest and are not finalized yet, no magic item may be created using these new abilities. If a person creates a Bard character and the class is eventually rejected or changed drastically then the player may change that PC to a different class by registering the change with his local bank representative. The FRC will post updates as they occur.