Society Board Minutes 1-17-18


1/17/18 – Final

Wherein the new Board was seated, with no change in members from last year. The FRC is about to release Druids, and will work on Knights next. Society Registry is waiting on Admin CAP reports and registry backups from Chapter Registry Chairs. Brett Paul is re-appointed as Tech Committee Chair. The Southern California Provisional Chapter is dissolved. Committee Chairs are reminded to notify the membership of expiring terms on March 31st, and call for volunteers for those positions. Continue reading Society Board Minutes 1-17-18

Society Board Minutes12-13-17


12/13/17 – Final

 Wherein Elections reported current Board Members Brad Evenson, Sarah Gibson and Pat McGehearty won seats to continue their positions on the new Board in January. The FRC has a revision of Bard Class coming out. The SSC is considering updating the Sanctioning Handbook. A new version of the Registry Handbook is approved clarifying Anchor Game CAP. A new Loremaster’s Guide is endorsed. A call will be made for artwork and photos for the 7.x Rulebook. Continue reading Society Board Minutes12-13-17