Society Board Meeting Minutes – September 2016




The 9/15/16 Society Board Meeting was called to order at 8:06 p.m. Eastern Time.  Board Members John Jones, Hugh Greene, Olan Knight, Pat McGehearty, and Sarah Gibson were present. Brad Evenson was absent, proxy to Greene. Dane Lyon was absent. David Spence, President of Dallas Chapter and FRC member, Melanie Greene, Treasurer from Northern Alabama Chapter, Michelle Cahill from Northern Alabama Chapter, and Ray Michel, Society Treasurer and Denver Boulder President, also attended. Janice Gott Society Clerk also attended.

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New Web Site!

The Tech Committee has completed the project to move the Society web site to WordPress. You’re looking at it right now! We think this is a big step forward for the organization and will allow us to stay more up-to-date everywhere.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, or if you spot a bug somewhere, please leave a comment below or let the Tech Committee know what you think!