Thyrsi Dawnuja

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[edit] Stats

  • Player: Brett P
  • Class: Knight
  • Level: 4
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Good)

[edit] Personal History

Thyrsi is a Knight in White Satin. He almost always has wine on him, unless he runs out. Courage can sometimes be drawn from drink, you know. He is sometimes forgetful, though that part is just him, and has nothing to do with the wine, of course. His religion is Dionysis. Symbols of Dionysis include wine, ivy, the bull and the serpent, satyrs and centaurs, pine cones and figs.

Thyrsi appeared out of the forest one day a trained knight. He respects nature and has gotten in trouble on more than one occasion for his habit of trusting fae-folk too much.

[edit] About his Name

His name comes from an anagram of the author of the Moody Blues song, Justin Hayward. Further, though, Thyrsi is the plural of Thyrsus, which is a staff topped with a conical ornament (carried by Bacchus or his followers). Bacchus may refer to Dionysis, Greek god of wine and intoxication. He does not fight with a staff, though. At least, not unless he has to. (Truly, I don’t play him as a Greek worshipper, but rather a fantasy worshipper of Dionysis.)

[edit] Adventure History

Thyrsi's Games
Game Date Game Name Chapter
8/2/2008 Breaking Principles DB
7/29/2007 Switch DB
8/5/2006 Roark's Redoubt DB
7/23/2006 Caravan 2006 DB
7/9/2006 Lair CFR

In Lair he realized that in the real world, more wine may be needed. Hard to believe since he used to hang out with satyrs. In Caravan he earned favor of the temple of Horus as well as the favor of St. Michael’s Knights. In Roark’s Redoubt he got three mattoos and a buildable generator. While the generator needs gold to increase it, wine seems to help the process. In Switch he DIED, but that’s okay. You see, Dionysis died once, too (he thinks). It was good for Thyrsi to have taken this spiritual journey. He was brought back by the vampire Switch, which isn’t his ideal fae-folk friend he would have preferred resuscitate him. (Now he must follow ANY orders from a vampire of higher level or he blacks out). But his death may have been a prerequisite to be able to speak with the dead, something that Dionysis was known for. He did find a unicorn horn, and suspects the unicorn was possessed or otherwise corrupted.

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