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IFGS Game World Wiki

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide a living repository of information about the Lands, Politics, Cultures, Personalities, Heroes, Villains, Events, and other details of the fictional worlds of the various chapters of the IFGS.

To get started, SEARCH (top of the page) for a topic. It may be that the topic you search for does not yet exist - in which case you will be prompted to create a new page for that topic. It may be that the topic exists, but the title of the page is not the same as what you searched for. Before you add a new page, look through the search results to see if what you're looking for exists under another name. If not, get writing! (When adding pages to the wiki, please remember to include a Category tag.)

YOU are encouraged to enter additional information in this Wiki. To do so, you will first need to create an account. Use caution when editing the content created by someone else. In many cases, you may wish to simply add content to the bottom of an entry that someone has created. Remember, we're talking about a fictional world, and there is often no one right or correct interpretation of the world. In particular, if you have a conflicting viewpoint about content that is already on the Wiki, it's important not to censor that information. If your text is contrary to the existing information, you may wish to present your information as an "alternate viewpoint."

Because each chapter has its own game world, it's important to clearly identify on each page which world your page content refers to. To this end, please include the name of the land somewhere near the top of the page. Existing pages will need to be edited to include this information.

Check out the Recent Changes link on the left to see the latest additions to the Wiki, the Special:Categories list of all categories or the Special:Allpages list of all articles on the wiki.


[edit] Anti Spam measures

Due to horrendous spam in the wiki, anti-spam measures were added on August 15, 2014. When you create an account, create an article, or save an edit to an article, you should be asked a question. It will be helpful to know that:

  • IFGS stands for International Fantasy Gaming Society
  • D/B is Denver/Boulder
  • the classes are Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Knight, Magic User, Monk, Ranger, and Thief

[edit] Active Chapters and their Game Worlds

Lycan Clans of Runelore
LOST - Land of the Seven Tribes
The 12 Kingdoms of Eversea

[edit] Closed or Inactive Chapters and their Game Worlds

[edit] Character by Class

[edit] More Info on How to Use a Wiki

[edit] New to IFGS?

If you are new to the IFGS, find more details about our system on our main website.

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