Lycan Clans of Runelore

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== Lycan Clans of Runelore ==

A Note on Lycans:

Lycans are ‘Dual Natured’, not lycanthropes or werewolves. They are natural shape shifters who can take one animal shape and one human shape. It does not matter if a person is born human and can shape change into an animal or if they are an animal that can shift into human form, both are lycans. A person cannot be turned into a lycan through a bite. There is a rumor of a secret ritual known to Hollow, the leader of the lycans that will bring out the natural animal in a person. Lycans have no hatred for lycanthropes, they just see them as childlike, someone that needs to learn how to accept themselves. Most lycans believe that a lycanthrope takes the form that would have been their lycan shape had they matured naturally.


The wolf clan is made up of a series of packs. Each pack is independent but they do come together and work jointly when the need arises. There has never been a fight between packs except for the leadership fights. The wolves have a motto, “Wolves do not hunt Wolves, we hunt those who hunt Wolves.”


Extinct clan wiped out by the undead in the beginning of the war.


The Bear Clan. This clan is one of the surliest of all the Lycans. They live in small family groups and tend to refer to non-ursine as prey, dinner, etc… They are not sociable, even to themselves. Since a few of them fell to the blighter (Unnatural Acts) they have pretty well withdrawn from lycan society. Hollow fears that they may be planning some type of retribution but she does not know what.


Known as the Raven Clan, this clan encompasses all of the Corbies or Corvids (Ravens, Crows, Blue Jays etc…). They are a very haughty race and believe that the original Raven actually created the world by pulling it out of a cauldron. They usually stay in raven form except for the sisters. They are an enigma who live only in the moment but seem to have immense power. They are rumored to be the daughters of the original Raven. A cleric by the name of Tens has been seen in the Runelore lands, caught between human and raven shape.


Very rare clan that has the ability to see the time stream. No one knows what the other shape is except Hollow and she will not discuss it. Some suspect it is a spider form. They are very reclusive and people searching for them usually will not find them. However, they do show up for their own reasons which can be anything from saving a child from a scrapped knee to warning a village of a plague. No one knows what motivates them to give their warnings.


A warrior clan of giant insects. At some point during the war between the Navarro and the Darklanders the Mantisaw took their entire clan and rushed through the gate trying to close it down from the other side and destroy the lich Balen. They have not been heard from since.


The Dolphin Clan. The Tursiops remained neutral throughout the war. Their purpose in life is to aid those upon the sea and to play. They rescue sailors that fall overboard and work as guides to bring ships into the port. They are loosely organized into pods but no land dweller has been able to make sense of their hierarchy, it is too confusing, but seems to work well for them. Most oceangoing creatures leave them alone due to their ability to hunt and fight in a pod, however lately several have washed up on shore with burn marks and a type of claw mark not seen before. The Tursiops refuse to talk about this but it appears that there is a slow anger being built up.


The feline clans are known as the Kutjing. The leader of the Kutjing is a Lycan Tiger. Her name is YueHei (black moon - pronounced as you-khae.) She is a black tiger with white stripes, who is rarely seen. She is rumored to be as old as the hills and is both warrior and high priestess. She inhabits the wild remote meeting place of the Kutjing and is rarely seen outside the gathering except in times of great struggles. The cats refer to their own clans as prides, similar to the wolves calling theirs packs. Once a year all the leaders of the various prides meet in a secret place known only to them. They each bring one lieutenant with them that will one day succeed them. The gathering, as it is known is where the pride leaders are blessed by their goddess and granted the gift of 9 lives. This gift is theirs as long as they remain true to their feline nature.

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