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[edit] Overview and Recent Events

The LOST is a sprawling nation of disparate peoples, a feudal medieval state, with only the loosest government. The Land is a loose confederacy of tribes, brought together under a single rule, the Council of Seven, and has a long history of infighting and war. Though seven tribes rule it, united by history and ties of blood, the land is also populated by many other peoples who refuse the rule of the Council.

The powerful factions are the Seven Who Rule: the tribes that claim kinship with the first king Heorold (pronounced ‘herald’). The Seven Tribes are the Heorold Tribe, Karka Tribe, Honorarne Tribe, Belthar Tribe, Zasha Tribe, Lathau Tribe, and Saba Tribe. United under a Crown and Council, these seven large clans dominate the country, and much of its story is their story. The populations of the Seven dominate the heartland of the continent, but they also claim territory where they are not numerically common. East of the Dry Hills (home of the Zasha Tribe), northeast of the High Plateau (where the Saba live), and southeast of the easternmost part of the Karkan Forest, lies the land that the Seven call Eastmarch, currently occupied by invading forces. In the north and south extremes, the Seven have small colonies on the coast, but the vast 600-mile long coast in-between is settled only by many small feuding tribes that are not members of the Seven. Some of these smaller tribes have trade relationships with the Karkans or Sabas and one is recognized by the Seven as an independent state, called Aran, which names itself a Grand Duchy (the Seven do not claim to rule Aran, as they claim the rest of Eastmarch).

The Council does not, by law, have the power to tax, and so maintains only the smallest standing army and gives little support to local magistrates and governors. It is left up to the tribes to try to keep the peace internally, and the Council's funds are spend on defense from without, mostly from the smaller lands to the North, and lately, from the massive threat that is the Empire of Avendarr currently occupying the Eastmarch.

[edit] Timeline of Events

Timeline of LOST History

[edit] Notorious Personalities

Read more about various Personalities of the LOST - heroes, villians, the good and the bad. (Always being updated - add YOUR character!)

[edit] Geography

[edit] Map

The scribes of Ology and the famous cartographer Kiplynn N'Bitts are working together with Veli Wel Dun's dwarves to create a comprehensive map of the Land of the Seven Tribes and the surrounding lands. It will be available soon. In the meantime, please look here for an outdated version of the map.

[edit] Index of Geographical Features of the LOST

[edit] Tribes

The Land of the Seven Tribes is composed of, naturally, seven different tribes, which are:

[edit] Groups, Organizations, and Orders

[edit] Other Tribes, Lands and Peoples

[edit] Initial Content

Some of the initial content of this section of the wiki was taken from the Seven Tribes Lore document originally compiled by Peter Sartucci. From his foreword to that document: "...the original concepts all came from other people, including John Cade, Mark Matthews-Simmons, Rick Malavaisic, Kevin Taylor, Paul Hayes, Richard Hartnett, Dirk Hovorka, Bill McAfee, Jim Corwith, Richard Girard, and many others." That document was originally compiled in 1990 and updated in 1996. Since that date many, many other people have contributed to the ongoing evolution and life of the game world.

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