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[edit] Gwynelan Games

Gwynelad games are generally run under the AAP rules system. They use the special optional "Orgs" module from the Gwynelad World Book, which allows for additional SAS packages to be purchased. Gwynelad Games are also generally a part of the "Continuity 2" closed-world treasure system, and so allow for items from, for example, the Price Series.

[edit] Location

Gwynelad is on a continent called Athelos to the East and South of the Land of the Seven Tribes. There has been little communication and trade between the two continents until recently.

[edit] History

There can be no history of Gwynelad without the history of the gods. Long ago, before the Age of Heroes came, the gods were the only existence. They controlled the world with fists of fire and they twisted the minds of mortals with brutal magics, causing the mortals to works as slaves to do their bidding. They were gods of chaos and bloodshed, and their twisted, insane ways were all that mortals knew. Over all the gods ruled Turannos, the King of Demons. His wife, the seductive Mistress of Poison was Tanpaar and beneath him ruled his son, Zhaos, Son of Destruction and Master of Chaos. Mordaar, Lord of War washed the world in blood from his games and Gwen Dur, the Slave, tore the mortals apart for his twisted amusement. There was no salvation in sight.

Then, just over two hundred years ago, the man Riva was guided to a secret, sacred place beneath the earth where he stood before an altar of purest white. At that altar, Riva fell to his knees to pray for freedom from the gods of Chaos. He found the Light, divine power of goodness. The Light directed him to another altar, one of darkest black. This was the altar to the Dark, a power of purest evil. There, Riva was to sacrifice his eldest son, Speth, in a long, cruel ceremony to the evilness of that place. Riva, desperate, did so and, with the blessing of both the Light and the Dark, gained the knowledge of the Banishing. The power of the Banishing spread, and the mortals picked up the ringing chant as the words crashed across the world like a wave. At the final moment, when the voices of all the mortals of the world spoke the words of the Banishing and the gods were to be cast out of the world forever, Riva cried tears of anguish for the son that he had slain. The evil of Riva's deed was tainted with sadness and regret, and the power of the Dark wavered. The gods were banished, but their doorway was never sealed.

Now we are in the Golden Age of Heroes in the land of Gwynelad, where Riva first found the cave and the two sacred altars. Riva spent the rest of his life uniting the people around him, helping them piece together lives and Kingdoms shattered by the gods’ insanity. He gathered around him eleven men and women of strength and intelligence, who came to be known as the Twelve Peers. These twelve, along with his beloved wife, Gwynne, made peace with the shattered Kingdoms of Andregaard, Soren, Lothoras, Amber and others, bringing each into a federation of Kingdoms that soon became the one, united Kingdom of Gwynelad, named after his Queen. His son, Galen, born after the Banishing and never having known the terrors of the gods, succeeded to the crown when his father passed. It is his line that rules the Kingdom today.

This is the land and that is its history.

Timeline of Gwynelad

[edit] Modern History

Fifteen years ago, a group of heroes mistakenly re-opened the rifts to the demon-realms, and specifically the Bloodrealm. Rifts began to tear open throughout the northern Cares of Khelik, Uthuk, and Skagarak. King Loren sent armies North to push back the demonic forces, who allied themselves with Orcs, Shapeshifters, Dark Elves, and Goblin-kind from the the Cormyrin Mountains. The Gwen-Duri came out of hiding to lead these forces, and the toll on the Gwynelan populace was mind-boggling. Many in the North felt that Loren acted both too slowly, and without sufficient commitment, sacrificing some of the less "civilized" Cares to the invasion. Led by Khelik, the Cares of Skagarak and Uthuk declared themselves free of Gwynelan control, and acceded from the country. In a final act of heroism, a party of legendary heroes (including two Khelikan clansmen) sacrificed themselves to temporarily seal the rifts. The sacrifice, though, gave exactly 10 years of closure before they would re-open. This was in LoST year 1345.

As of today, the three Northern Cares are still embroiled in a bitter civil war with the Kingdom of Gwynelad, and Loren continues to try and win them back in time for the re-opening of the rifts. His son, Prince Galen II, personally leads the Knights, trying to reach out a diplomatic branch, but backing up his words with the might of the Gwynelan Peerage.

For other personalities, see the Gwynelan People of Note.

[edit] Gwynelad and Religion

The people of Gwynelad consider a "god" in much the same way that a citizen of LoST might consider "demon-lord". The common folk hate and fear anything to do with sentient divinities, and worship the Light and Dark almost exclusively. The Light and Dark are considered "powers", rather than gods, much like forces of nature. There are some few who also look to an entity called Dusk, a power of neutrality, but this is a fringe belief at best. Educated and tolerant folk can often understand that the LoST gods are not the same as those who oppressed Athelos for so many centuries, but this is not a common attitude.

[edit] Tolerance of Evil

Because of the Dark's part in the Banishing, and its existence as a universal force, rather than a sentient god, it is accepted by law in Gwynelan culture. The Ebony Tower has a Motherhouse in Gwynelon(the Gwynelan capital city) and the Dark Church has a cathedral there. Although what happens inside these institutions is beyond the purview of law-enforcement, the doing of evil outside is still illegal. Many times the Temple of Light or some other zealous organization has begun the push to remove the evil organizations from Gwynelad (most successful was King Theos the White, King Loren's grandfather), but these attempts have not, so far succeeded. Considering the significant success of the Ebony Tower during the Demon Wars, such movements would be sure to fail now. There is a firm belief in the Gwynelan mind that the presence of Light and Dark are required for freedom and especially, freedom from the Gods.

[edit] Important Groups

Order of Gwynelan Knights

Ebony Tower

Temple of Light

Society of Travelers

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